I am a Bristol based Craftsman, providing cutting edge, interior carpentry services, for stylish people who care about their homes.

How can I help you?

If you live in Bristol or the surrounding area, I can help if you need custom made furniture or storage, designed and built for your home.

Here are some examples of bespoke woodwork I have created for clients.

Alcove Cabinets

Alcove Cabinets, carefully designed and custom made by hand, to perfectly fit your home.

I design and build beautiful alcove cabinets and shelving to perfectly fit and complement your home.

Understairs Storage

I can help you declutter your hallway by maximizing the storage potential of the space under your stairs.

TV Cabinets

Bespoke TV Cabinet. Designed and Hand Built by Alex Hykel

I can design and build you a perfect TV cabinet. I’ll make sure that sure that not only is it incredibly stylish, but also that all your electrical equipment and cables are tidy and organised.

What other Services do I provide?

Unlike many other cabinet makers, or certaily large fitted furniture companies, I also offer a range of interior carpentry services.

If you need doors hung or adjusted, that’s no problem.

Need some help fitting a kitchen? Also no problem!

Decorative Woodwork such as Skirting Boards, Architraves and wooden panneling; I’ll be happy to help.

My Van is highly equipped with interior carpentry tools and I treat my customers homes with the greatest of respect. You are very welcome to book me for the day, to come and work on your home.

If you Live in Bristol and need the help of an experienced Interior Carpenter, Then Please Give me a Call.

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Bespoke Fitted Furniture

A Design for a fitted bed with a huge amount of underneath Storage.

Carefully Designed, Custom Built

Well designed Furniture makes life easier.

Hykel Carpentry helps people to be organised and productive, by designing and building, Bespoke Fitted Furniture

Listening to What You Want.

The most important part when creating custom made fitted furniture for a client, is listening to their needs and working with them to create the perfect solution, that maximises the use of space in in their home, so they can easily get on with their lives.

Helping you to Organise your Home

  • Hykel Carpentry designs and builds custom made furniture that perfectly fits the room.
  • I understand that the way a space is used is massively important and take great care to listen to what my clients intend on achieving. Really, I help my customers to design the furniture, and make sure that what I build will make the very best use of space as possible.

As an example, here are some pictures of a hallway I transformed, by designing and building under stairs storage drawers and cupboard for the washing machine.

Storage is Everything!

If you want help beating the clutter, so you can calmly get on with your busy life, then under stairs drawers are a great way to maximise the storage potential of that space.

  • I know from experience that Functioning Efficiently isn’t easy if your home is in a mess. In fact, being disorganised is a huge timewaster, not to mention how frustrating and STRESSFUL it is.
  • Bespoke Fitted Furniture can transform difficult spaces, into delightful rooms.
  • The purpose of my carpentry work, is to help people to create wonderful homes. I do this by building smart storage solutions, that maximise the use of the space available. This allows my clients so to get on with living calm, happy and productive lives.

Would you like my help to Design and Build you some stylish Fitted Furniture? If so, please get in touch and I’ll be delighted to do everything I can to be of assistance.


Here are some other examples of fitted furniture I have built. This slideshow includes electrical consumer unit cupboards, bathroom vanity units and alcove shelving. You’ll see that some of the cuboards shown here haven’t been painted. This is because sometimes my customers like to have the woodwork I’ve done, finished by their decorator. Or maybe keep costs down by painting the fitted furniture themselves. If that’s something you would like to consider, then please do ask.

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Here are some reviews written for me by customers over the last little while.

Bedside Shelves from Offcuts

I have never written a spontaneous testimonial for any person or service before this one. We met Alex when he was installing a fitted wardrobe for a UK company, and knew from his care, skill and application, that he is an exceptional carpenter.

Since then, we have been fortunate that he has been free to make and fit a small addition to the wardrobe…using offcuts…..and to replace some pine floorboards. We live in an old house with no straight walls, and with pipes and cables badly installed by previous tradespeople. Alex cracked every challenge as it arose, even invisibly plugging the countersunk floorboard screws after partly rebuilding joists and avoiding the pipes and cables. 

I cannot recommend him highly enough and will be pleased to give him a more precise reference if you would like one. DB Somerset 07976963507.
Di Bligh
The Stables
Langham Place
Somerset BA11 6PL

Di Bligh

Alex provides a very cool bespoke service which has seen him create several work storage solutions for me. His ideas are cool and very creative to work with different shape spaces and solutions. He’s meticulous with detail and sat with me to create the designs on his computer before hand so I had a clear idea of the finished product. He provided a me a timeline with sensible options so as not to inconvenience my world whilst it was being done and was always considerate to my home, leaving the work area tidy at the end of every day. Quality is what Alex does and his costs are surprisingly reasonable. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Michael Colling-Tuck

Alex’s work is always finished to a very high standard, I highly recommend him.

Alex I love your work 

Naomi flowerCozy Cuts

We have worked with Alex on recent property development sites.  We are pleased with his work.  Great communicator and easy to work with.

HPG ESTATE AGENTSHarbourside Property Group

Alex stands out as a carpenter not only for his innovative joinery and design skills but also because his entire approach is centred around making a positive difference to his customers’ lives. He’s also a lovely bloke you can completely trust. We’ve used him many times over the years and will continue to do so!

Peter Bramwell
During the redevelopment of our house my wife and I needed a good carpenter
If there was a Yellow Pages listing reliable and trustworthy craftsmen we never found it and those collected along the way made a mess of all but the easiest of tasks.
Then in early 2022 a friend gave us contact info’ for Alex Hykel and although he was busy when we briefly met, he reallocated his work schedule to fit us in for a couple of days for a mutual trial which became the best decision we ever made!
Instead of a bag of tools he arrived each day with a complete mobile workshop and large vacuum dust extractor together with all types of equipment to manufacture the list of jobs he was producing.
Although interested in his progress, constant supervision was unnecessary. On the second day of the job we gave him a set of keys and were delighted by his constant reliability and quality of workmanship, because Alex is not merely a carpenter but a widely qualified craftsman with experience of all manner of tasks.
In September 2022 our property at 156 Coldharbour Road Bristol BS67SP was sold for well over its asking price based on the high quality of its rebuild largely thanks to Alex (who also designed and manufactured the front fence and gate).
Richard Weddell

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I provide quotes for Bespoke fitted Furniture, but offer High Quality Interior Carpentry Services on a Day Rate Basis.

My work helps people to create beautiful spaces to live in and adds value to their properties.

Daily Rate Breakdown of Costs

Currently, my day rate for an eight hour day at a customers address in central Bristol is £250,

If you would like me to work outside of Bristol, I charge travel time, which I will discuss with you prior to the event.

Additional work on top of the eight hour day is charged at £30 an hour or part thereof.

If I need to use traders parking permits to park in residential parking areas in Bristol, this is an additional cost of £5 per day. If I have to pay at a meter to park, I add whatever the total cost is +10% to the bill.

Any materials from my stock of fixings and sundries are an additional expense

Explain ‘Fixings and Sundries’

High quality, faced paced carpentry work involves the use of various supplies that reqularly need replenishing. These include, but are not limited to; screws, wallplugs, sandpaper, fillers, caulk, glue, brackets, nails, drill bits, batteries, dust extractor bags, respirator filters, blades for circular saws, jigsaws, routers and angle grinder cutting disks.

Additional Materials

Materials bought specifically for a job are an additional cost.

All materials that I buy for projects, I add 10% of the cost to cover banking and accounting costs. Plus I have to charge for the time involved in organising and fetching materials.


Want to book a high quality, fast paced carpenter for the day?

Please don’t hesitate to

Hourly Rate

For very small works my price is £70 for the first hour, and then £30 an hour or part thereof afterwards, plus whatever material costs are incurred.


I accept payment by card. Or for larger jobs I prefer to invoice you with a full breakdown of costs and you can then pay by Bank transfer.