Alcove Cabinets

Custom Made Alcove Cabinets are a fantastic way to maximise the storage space available in room. Not only do they keep things nice and tidy and organised, but they are also a tasteful addition that will add value to your home. Aditionally they are also easy to keep clean because dust can’t collect behind or under them.

When I build alcove cabinets for people, they are entirely handmade and truely bespoke. There are no restrictions. I can design, build and fit bespoke furniture to your exact specifications.

If you decide to get in touch, I’ll try to get a good idea on what you are after so that I can give you a ball park figure on costs. This varies job to job depending on a range of factors including, size of the room, materials choices, and aditional features such as drawers. Even paint can differ massively in price.

If the rough estimate is something you would consider, I would then arrange with you a convenient time with you to visit, so you can meet me in person. We could then further discuss exactly how you would like to use your space and I can take some measurements.

I would then go away and produce a design in the 3D modeling program Sketchup, so you can visualise exactly what we are conceiving. If there is anything in the design that you would like to adjust, this will be no problem, and all part of the service. Once we have a design you are happy with, I will be able to provide you with an accurate quote, with a breakdown of material costs and a timeframe. You will then be able to consider if you would like to go ahead with booking me to build the alcove cabinets.

Booking the Build

If you decide you are happy with both the design and the cost, the next step is to arrange a fitting date. At this point I generally ask for a deposit to cover the material costs. Depending on the size of the project, I tend to start manufacturing the furniture, 2 to 3 weeks before the fitting date.

I work alone, and everything will be handmade to exacting standards by me. It will also be me that fits your alcove cabinets.

Backless Cabinets

Sometimes it makes sense to have backless cabinets, particularly if you have lots of electrical sockets in the alcoves that you need access to. They also really do make use of every single little bit of storge space available. With this type of cabinet, often the majority of the build can be done on site.


Fitting timescale varies depending on the size and design of the build. It may just take a day for a simple alcove unit, or round about a week for a more complex project. I’ll be able to give you a reasonable estimate at the quotation stage. When I am in peoples houses, I am always very respectful, and make sure I leave it as it was, except for the newly fitted furniture.

Want To Know More?

If you are considering having some beautiful bespoke alcove cabinets built for your home then please do let me know what you want to achieve. I’ll be happy to talk things through with you and do everything I can to help.