Bespoke Fitted Furniture

A Design for a fitted bed with a huge amount of underneath Storage.

Carefully Designed, Custom Built

Well designed Furniture makes life easier.

Hykel Carpentry helps people to be organised and productive, by designing and building, Bespoke Fitted Furniture

Listening to What You Want.

The most important part when creating custom made fitted furniture for a client, is listening to their needs and working with them to create the perfect solution, that maximises the use of space in in their home, so they can easily get on with their lives.

Helping you to Organise your Home

  • Hykel Carpentry designs and builds custom made furniture that perfectly fits the room.
  • I understand that the way a space is used is massively important and take great care to listen to what my clients intend on achieving. Really, I help my customers to design the furniture, and make sure that what I build will make the very best use of space as possible.

As an example, here are some pictures of a hallway I transformed, by designing and building under stairs storage drawers and cupboard for the washing machine.

Storage is Everything!

If you want help beating the clutter, so you can calmly get on with your busy life, then under stairs drawers are a great way to maximise the storage potential of that space.

  • I know from experience that Functioning Efficiently isn’t easy if your home is in a mess. In fact, being disorganised is a huge timewaster, not to mention how frustrating and STRESSFUL it is.
  • Bespoke Fitted Furniture can transform difficult spaces, into delightful rooms.
  • The purpose of my carpentry work, is to help people to create wonderful homes. I do this by building smart storage solutions, that maximise the use of the space available. This allows my clients so to get on with living calm, happy and productive lives.

Would you like my help to Design and Build you some stylish Fitted Furniture? If so, please get in touch and I’ll be delighted to do everything I can to be of assistance.


Here are some other examples of fitted furniture I have built. This slideshow includes electrical consumer unit cupboards, bathroom vanity units and alcove shelving. You’ll see that some of the cuboards shown here haven’t been painted. This is because sometimes my customers like to have the woodwork I’ve done, finished by their decorator. Or maybe keep costs down by painting the fitted furniture themselves. If that’s something you would like to consider, then please do ask.