Storage StairCase

Turn under your stairs into a storage staircase. It will declutter your hall and make your life easier.

Spandrel Framing

The space underneath a stair case is technically known as the ‘Spandrel Framing’.

Traditionally this triangular space has been very difficult to make full use of, and is often closed off. It is very easy for understairs cupboards to quickly becomet full right up and most things being inaccessible and messy.

The evolution of engineered wood boards and high load bearing, long reach drawer runners, mean that now the full spandrel framing can be used as an organised storage space.

It is entirely possible to turn under your stairs into a stylish storage staircase.


Effectively using all the space under a staircase is not a straightforward task. Taking into account the angle of the rise, careful measurements must be taken and an acurate design produced.

It is not unusual for the elecrical consumer unit and meter to be housed under the stairs. In these situations it’s import to make sure it remains accessable. In the storage staircase featured in the pictures above, the fuse box is behind the middle unit. I made that storage unit a trolly on coaster wheels., that can be pulled right out. This allows full access to the fuse box and has the added benefit that the heavy kitchen equipment that are stored in it can be wheeled right up to where they are going to be used.

Drawer Runners

Long reach drawer runners are what really make storage staircases possible.

There are loads of them available on the market. Soft close and push to open is just the beginning. There are some that allow a meter long drawer to fully extend and hold a weight of 100kgs and more.

This means that it is possible to create a storage solution for pretty much anything.

Design Visit

If you would like me to turn your stairs into a storage staircase, we’ll need to arrange a time for me to come and introduce myself, and find out a bit more about what you want to store. I’ll take some measurements of the space and offer some suggestions about how I think it could best be used. As with all the fitted furniture I build, it will be truely bespoke and there are no restrictions to material and colour choices. It is part of the service I offer, to make sure the woodwork I create for my customers, complements the style of their home.

Do You Need A Storage Staircase?