TV Cabinets

If you are looking for someting special, I can build you a bespoke TV cabinet that will perfectly match the style of your sitting room.

I will carefully listen to exactly what you are after, and take detailed measurements. This will ensure that I can produce a design that precisely fits the space and complements your home. Within the cupboards and drawers, there will be a space for everything. Most importantly, I’ll make sure all your electrical equipment has an accessible home. Furthermore, I’ll ensure that all wires and cables tidily pass through the cabinet in sensible places.

Case Study

Tricia and James were having their sitting room redesigned, and they wanted a TV cabinet that blended in with the wall panelling. They had chosen Farrow and Ball ‘Pigeon’ paint, for everything beneath the dado rail, and they wanted the cabinet to be the same colour.

The other specifications included; Three cupboards with enclosed shelves above each, and one long top above them all. The shelves needed to be the right size to fit a digital radio, a sky box and a CD player.

To the left of the cupboards, Tricia and James wanted two drawers to house their CD collection. Above them, space for a potted house plant.

Bespoke drawers, made from Birch Ply trimmed with Beech and a valchromat base.


I suggested that we use Moisture Resistant MDF boards for the bulk of the construction. This was because the cut edges can be shaped with a router, and sanded to an excellent finish. This means that it’s a really good material to paint. Furthermore it is incredibly durable.

However, I thought it would be a nice touch to make the drawers from wood, and Tricia and James agreed. They left the final descisions there to me. I went away and sourced some pre lacquered birch ply wood, and trimmed the edges with reclaimed beech. For the drawer bases I chose 8mm thick black valchromat.

These drawers turned out to be technically very challenging, as there was only just enough space to get the CD’s to fit, and the rest of the cabinet to stay within the required dimensions. It was a presicion job.


I included a pop up electrical socket, to provide easy access to power points.

I routed a channel so the digital radio’s aerial could poke up through the cabinet.

The Result

A beautiful, functional and truely bespoke TV cabinet, that seamlessly blends in with Tricia and James’ newly decorated sitting room.

Their Review

“ Alex was recommended to us when we moved into our new home. We wanted to have a TV cabinet that would accommodate our various devices, would house our CD collection and provide some extra storage space. After detailed discussions with Alex he prepared a bespoke design which fulfilled all our requirements and fitted the space beautifully. Having agreed this Alex then constructed the main components off site and returned to assemble it in the house. It was a complex build needing absolute precision and Alex stayed for an extended day to have it completed for us. We are delighted with the end result which is a demonstration of Alex’s craftsmanship, professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge of the variety of materials that could be used. As a result of this project we have commissioned Alex for further work and cannot recommend him too highly.”

Tricia and James Urquhart
A beautiful, functional and truely bespoke TV cabinet, that seamlessly blends in with Tricia and James' newly decorated sitting room.

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