Wooden Art

I make wooden art by cutting designs into lots of parts with different types of saws. The next steps of the process are to shape and then finish the individual pieces, before gluing them into place.


These designs can be used in a variety of ways, including wall art, signs and to decorate furniture such as table tops or drawer fronts.

  • Geometric Design Wooden Coffee Table
  • Aztec Design, Reclaimed Wood Art
  • Beauty from Waste, Pictures from Offcuts, Reclaimed Wood Art
  • Reclaimed Wood Art. Geometric Tree Design, Reclaimed Iroko Frame.
  • Cozy Cuts Sign, Art Signs, Hand Cut, Bespoke
  • Creative Carpentry in the Cozy Cuts Salon, by Hykel Carpentry
  • Hand Cut, Bespoke Sign for Cozy Cuts, by Hykel Carpentry
  • Keep it Hot, Wooden Graphic Art. hand cut by Hykel Carpentry
  • Geometric, Reclaimed, Wooden Art
  • Wooden Art, Sound Diffuser
  • Wooden Wave Art, Beauty from Waste, Reclaimed Wood Art
  • Hand Cut, Bespoke Wooden Signs, Creative Carpentry by Hykel Carpentry
  • Artistic, Hand Cut Lettering, Creative Carpentry
  • Wooden Art, Nature, Creative Carpentry
  • Exterior Sign for Marketing Agency, Flo & Farr, hand cut from Tricoya by Hykel Carpentry
  • Hykel Carpentry, hand cut, wooden sign. Creative Carpentry