If you live in Bristol, and are looking for a reliable carpenter near you, to work on the inside your home, then I may well be able to help you, and I will gladly try my very best to do so.
I will happily provide quotes for fitted furniture projects. As a rough quide, I charge a starting price of £1300 per meter in width, for bespoke cabinets and wardrobes with a painted Finish. So, for example, if you were to need a set of alcove units with shelves above them, on either side of a chimney breast, and the width of the alcoves is 1 meter on either side then the calculation would be 2 x 1300 and therefore the price would be approximately £2600
Factors that can effect this price, include materials choices, such as timber, paint and hardware, additional features such as drawers and lighting and any requirements for complex design work. Another factor which often goes unconsidered, but really does need to be taken into account, is the accessibility of a property and the ease of access to a room.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions. I try my very best to be a straight forward as possible, and to learn about my customers requirements.

Day Rate Work
For plenty of projects, as many carpenters, and other trades people will agree, providing a reasonable and realistic quote can be quite a task in itself. Site visits, preliminary design work, calculating materials and estimating labour, all takes time.
I have worked very hard to build up a trusting relationship with many of my customers. often it makes sense for both parties, for me to give a time estimation of the work required, and then proceed on a day rate basis.
my Current day rate for onsite carpentry work, is generally £250 for an 8 hour day. Within the 8 hour day, I take a 30 minute break for lunch. 
So, for example; In a standard work day,  If I arrive at your property at 9.30am, I'll be providing my services to you untill 5.30pm.
For any overtime on top of the 8 hour day, I charge £35 per hour.
There are certain occasions when I need to charge more for day rate work, depending on the complexity of the work and the tool requirements. For example, if I'm working with expensive hardwoods, or oak veneered Birch ply, then I charge a little more. This is because of the financial risk to myself, incurred by working with materials such as these. Any mistakes, can be very expensive. If you get in touch with me to discuss your project and the materials you would like to use, I'll be happy to give you an initial, quick estimation.
For very small work, consultations and design visits, I charge £70 for the first hour, and then £35 per hour afterwards.
On top of the labour cost, I charge accordingly for any parking costs and any materials or disposable items supplied by myself, from company stock.

Company Stock
Fast paced, modern carpentry, requires quick access to a whole range of tools, fixtures and fittings, glues, cutting blades, and all sorts of other supplies. At Hykel Carpentry, I aim to arrive at a job with an incredibly well stocked van, and do my utmost to be as prepared as possible.
The list of these supplies that I cary is quite extensive and inclues but is not limited to;
Screws, of all sots of sizes, brackets, domino tennons, biscuit joints, wood glue, super glue, wall plugs, cabinet hinges, door hinges, tubular latches, a selection of cabinet handles, various grades of sandpaper, batteries for lazer levels, nails, router blades, plunges saw blades, multitool blades, drill bits, finishing caulk, undercoat paint, varnish and natural finishing oils.
The more I know about a project, the more prepared I can be.
When I am buying materials specifically for a project, I charge for any time involved in sourcing them, and add 10% to the purcase cost to cover banking costs and accounting time.
If you have any questions, would like to find out more, or would like to book me to work for you on a day rate, then please get in touch.
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