I provide quotes for Bespoke fitted Furniture, but offer High Quality Interior Carpentry Services on a Day Rate Basis.

My work helps people to create beautiful spaces to live in and adds value to their properties.

Daily Rate Breakdown of Costs

Currently, my day rate for an eight hour day at a customers address in central Bristol is £250,

If you would like me to work outside of Bristol, I charge travel time, which I will discuss with you prior to the event.

Additional work on top of the eight hour day is charged at £30 an hour or part thereof.

If I need to use traders parking permits to park in residential parking areas in Bristol, this is an additional cost of £5 per day. If I have to pay at a meter to park, I add whatever the total cost is +10% to the bill.

Any materials from my stock of fixings and sundries are an additional expense

Explain ‘Fixings and Sundries’

High quality, faced paced carpentry work involves the use of various supplies that reqularly need replenishing. These include, but are not limited to; screws, wallplugs, sandpaper, fillers, caulk, glue, brackets, nails, drill bits, batteries, dust extractor bags, respirator filters, blades for circular saws, jigsaws, routers and angle grinder cutting disks.

Additional Materials

Materials bought specifically for a job are an additional cost.

All materials that I buy for projects, I add 10% of the cost to cover banking and accounting costs. Plus I have to charge for the time involved in organising and fetching materials.


Want to book a high quality, fast paced carpenter for the day?

Please don’t hesitate to

Hourly Rate

For very small works my price is £70 for the first hour, and then £30 an hour or part thereof afterwards, plus whatever material costs are incurred.


I accept payment by card. Or for larger jobs I prefer to invoice you with a full breakdown of costs and you can then pay by Bank transfer.