Hanging doors properly so that they operate smoothly is a technical job that takes practice and patience.
A technique that is used in a new build house, may well not be suitable  when hanging a door in an older property, that is more than likely  to have a door frame that isn't straight.
when working with Doors, it's important to be switched on, and assess the situation, as everything matters. The angle  of the door frame, the level of the floor, how close the architrave is to the edge of the door frame.
I stay calm, and take care to make sure a door fits, and works nicely, in even the most complicated of situations
I have the greatest of respect for people's homes. I always make sure to take suitable measures to protect the rest of the property when I am working.

When building a whole new door frame, it is good practice to assemble it on the floor and make sure the doors fit snuggly. In the picture below you can see double doors, and the frame that I hung them in on the floor, prior to fitting.
Generally, I I cut the hinge recess into doors, using a router. I always take care to use the correct PPE, including an M - Class extractor to control the dust.
The double doors in the picture below, were previously glazed, exterior back doors. The clients had an extension built, an they becake internal doors. They asked me if I was interested in removing the glass, and then replacing it with wooden panels, and finding a decorative solution to give then a new lease of life. I was more than happy to take on the challenge, and this is how they looked in the end.
I'm also qualified to fit fire doors.

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